Bible Study Lessons

On this page you will find most of the Bible study lessons found on this site. Below are the links to each lesson. I would suggest reading the lessons in order, because they follow a logical format.

Lake of Fire - This article explores the importance of the Lake of Fire and the second death.

Origins of Sin, Evil, and Satan - This article proves where sin, evil, and Satan came from in a simple logical format.

The Barley Overcomers - This article explains the important symbol of barley, which was the first crop harvested, and associated with the Passover feast.

For Ever - a Mistranslation - This article proves that "for ever" and "everlasting" are mistranslations in the King James.

The Second Coming - This article explains when God's word says the Second Coming of Jesus will occur.

Salvation - This describes what salvation truly is. It describes the connection between grace, faith, and works, using simple logic and several analogies.

Rapture - This looks at the rapture and tribulation theories in relation to the seventy weeks of Daniel and the second coming.

Predestination - An article that looks at the evidence for predestination vs. free will.

The Two Covenants - The Two Covenants; old and new, explain salvation as well as why the God of the Old Testament seems bad, while the God of the New Testament seems good.

Hell - This talks about the uses and meanings of the Hebrew and Greek words for "hell" in the King James Bible.

Baptism - Here we discuss baptism by water, baptism by fire, what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and spiritual gifts.

Prayer - What is the significance of prayer? How should we pray? What should we ask for? What answers can we expect?

Types of Wisdom - Here we talk about the differences between book smart, memory, and street smart in God’s Kingdom.

Tithing - What does the Bible say about thithing? Is it really 10% of your income? What is the history of tithing?

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