Christian Apologetics

Christian apologetics is the discipline of defending Christianity through logical reasoning. I realize that the majority of you are non-Christians. This may be because you don’t know much about Christianity, but it also may be because a lot of Christianity seems made up, unrealistic, or illogical. It also may be because you believe in another religion and you never took the time to look at Christianity. This page contains two kinds of topics. One topic is defending the validity of Christianity such as God, Jesus, and the Bible. The second topic is comparing other religions or cults to Christianity.

Proving the Existence of God - Proof of the existence of God using arguments based on physics, metaphysics, philosophy, cosmology, and quantum theory.

Creation vs. Evolution - Discussion of the origin of the universe and the Earth.

Proving the Existence of Jesus - This article proves the existence of Jesus Christ, his physical death, and his resurrection.

Biblical Canon - Here we explain the origin of the Bible, proof of its accuracy, and the many translations that were written.

Catholicism - This article explains the origin of Catholicism starting from after Jesus' death, to Constantine, to the sacraments, purgatory, and finally where it is today.

Mormonism - Here we compare Mormonism with Christianity. We compare views on god, life after death, and salvation.

Jehovah’s Witness – Part 1 - This explains the differences between Jehovah's Witness and Christianity including Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and salvation.

Jehovah’s Witness – Part 2 - This explains the Jehovah's Witness beliefs regarding blood transfusions and holidays including Christmas and Easter.

Islam - This article explains the religion of Islam and its followers known as Muslims from a Christian perspective.

Scientology - Here we discuss the history and beliefs of Scientology.

Wicca - This article explains the beliefs of the diverse religion of Wicca.

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