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Bible Gateway (YLT) - a free online version of Young's Literal translation of the Bible

An Unseen World - A look at the world of the supernatural from a Biblical perspective. Explores this world and the odd things that occur from the viewpoint of Biblical truths.

Praise and Worship The God Of The Bible - To worship God is to express our love and awe of who He is. True worship requires total commitment of our body, mind and spirit. It's about exalting, adoring and acknowledging the God of the Bible.

Count on It is an attractive and discrete way to keep score, and adds style to your golf glove, available at

Gospel Shield of Faith - The Bible declares, "there is no salvation in any other than Jesus Christ." Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no man can come to the Father except by Me." Jesus went to the cross for my sin and your sin. He hung on that cross suspended between heaven and earth, and after His death, He defeated Satan for you and for me. Oh, what a price was paid for our redemption, all because God loves us. Do you want to know Him?

Christian Resources Today - Bible study online articles, Free Bible story coloring pages, Christian music videos, quotes, biblical meaning of numbers and names, martyrs, testimony videos and more.

Practical Spiritual Warfare - Here is valuable information on the spiritual warfare going on for the souls of man. The content is practical and usable as apposed to emotional. Practical experience with what has worked and what has not worked forms the bases if the content. Emphasis is on bringing change for the renewal of man's mind for transformation.

Christian Religion History - The Christian religion, from the beginning ministry of Jesus, to the diverse traditions and doctrines of the three main branches of Christianity.

America Kingdom of God - Is our America kingdom of God one nation under God? Is America drifting away from God, and if so, why? What are the consequences to our society if we transform into something other then a christian nation? This site chronicles the ongoing changes to the American social landscape.

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