The Seven Churches

The Oslo Accords

On September 13, 1993, Isreal and the Palestine Liberation Orgaization signed the “Declaration of Principles On Interim Self-Government Arragement,” a document also known as the “Oslo Acords.” This was a milestone because it was the first direct, face-to-face agreement between the two parties. The document called for a withdrawal of Israeli forces from certain areas in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, allowing Palestian self-government in those areas. They also agreed to establish a Palestinian State within seven years. This document marks the end of the Laodicea Church Age. Note that it is also 40 Jubilee cycles from the ressurection of Christ in 33 A.D.. Both 40 and 50 Jubilee cycles are important phases in God’s timeline.

Jubilee Cycle = 49 years
49x40 = 1960 years
1960 + 33 = 1993

Summary of the Seven Churches

Remember that each church is not only an acutal church in the New Testament, but also is similar to a time in the Old Testament, and also prophetic a future time perioid.

1. Ephesus (33-64 AD) – similar to Moses on Mt. Sinai, people were afraid of God, so they looked to men that God spoke through, instead of speaking to God directly

2. Smyrna (64-313 AD) – the Korah rebellion against Moses, the persecution of Christians by ten Roman Emperors

3. Pergamos (313–529 AD) – Israel integrates Christianity with false gods, Constantine issued the Edict of Milan, legalizing Christianity with the integration of pagan beliefs, fall of the Western Roman Empire

4. Thyatira (529–1517 AD) – Jezebel executes true Christians, the Medieval Inquisition

5. Sardis (1517–1776 AD) – Elijah returns to Damascus to the 7,000 that keep true to God, the Protestant Reformation

6. Philadelphia (1776–1913 AD) – phileo or brotherly love, God spares Hezekiah’s life, the Declaration of Independence was signed

7. Laodicea (1913-1993 AD) - Zerubbabbel and his people start taxing their own countrymen, the Federal Reserve System, the Oslo Accords

The Age of Jubilee

After the Age of Laodicea is the Age of Jubilee. This was a seven year period between 1993-2000. It is similar to the seven day battle of Jericho:

Joshua 6:3-4 – and ye have compassed the city – all the men of battle – going round the city once; thus thou dost six days; and seven priests do bear seven trumpets of the jubilee before the ark, and on the seventh day ye compass the city seven times, and the priests blow with the trumpets, (YLT)

In this story, the city could not stand due to the power of God’s people. By 2000, a Palestinian State was still not established. Therefore, the authority was handed over to the overcomers for the next age.

The Age of Tabernacles

In the Hebrew calendar, the Feast of Tabernacles follows the day of Jubilee. Thus 2000-2007 is the Age of Tabernacles. It is during this time that the seven vials (bowls) took place as mentioned in Revelation chapter 16. We will discuss these in a future article.


The seven church ages were major phases in God’s plan for His Church on earth. In each age, there was a shift of power between God’s friends and Satan’s friends. However, in every age there are a few elite soldiers of God which guided God’s friends through hardships.

Revelation 3:21-22 – He who is overcoming – I will give to him to sit with me in my throne, as I also did overcome and did sit down with my Father in His throne. He who is having an ear – let him hear what the Spirit saith to the assemblies.’ (YLT)

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