Revelation - Introduction

Ezekiel’s Temple

This pattern of veils is also seen in other places of the Bible. In Exodus 34:34-35, Moses uses a veil to cover his face, because it was glowing with the glory of God. In Ezekiel 44:15-19, priests changed from linen clothes to woolen clothes when ministering to the outer court, which symbolizes a hiding of God’s glory. I mentioned this passage in my article on the Rapture. Ezekiel’s temple had three main areas: the outer court, the inner court, and the Most Holy Place. (see picture below) This is similar to the Tabernacle in Exodus, which I mentioned in the Second Coming. The outer court was restricted to Jews. The inner court was restricted to the priests and Nazarites. The Most Holy Place was restricted to only the High Priest, who was allowed to enter it only one day a year; the Day of Atonement. The barriers that separated these three areas can be thought of as “veils.” Symbolically, as you grow closer in your walk with God, His knowledge will be “unveiled.”


In the following articles, we will discuss the actual book of Revelation starting with chapter 1. We will go through the first few chapters chronologically, but eventually we will be looking more at patterns than strict literal interpretations.

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