The Meaning of Numbers 1-9

Biblical meaning: The Earth, material creation
Hebrew word: daleth (door)
1. Gen. 1:14-19 – on the fourth day God created the Earth
2. Ez. 1:5 – four living creatures, which represent all of creation
3. Rev. 4:6 – four living creatures around the throne, which represent all of creation
4. Gen 2:10-14 – the river from Eden splits into four separate rivers
5. Isaiah 60:17 – four material blessings, brining gold instead of brass, silver instead of iron, brass instead of wood, iron instead of stone

- four kings mentioned in Daniel – Nebuchadnezzar (1-4), Belshazzar (5), Darius (6), Cyrus (6:28, 10:1)
- lost thing (aveh-dah) – appears four times in the Bible, Ex. 22:9, Lev. 6: 3,4, Deut. 22:3
- branch (neh-tzer) – appears four times in the Bible, Isaiah 11:1, Isaiah 14:19, Isaiah 60:21, Daniel 11:7

Biblical meaning: grace, favor
Hebrew word: hey (the, behold)
1. Gen. 15:9 – God tells Abraham to make five sacrifices to him (heifer, goat, ram, dove, and pigeon)
2. Lev. 1-3 – five offerings (burnt, sin, meal, trespass, and peace)
3. Gen. 6:8 – the fifth time Noah’s name is mentioned, it is about grace
4. Ruth 2:2 – the fifth time Ruth’s name is mentioned, it is about grace
5. Ruth 2:8 – the fifth time Boaz’s name is mentioned it is about grace
6. 1 Sam. 16:22 – the fifth time David’s name is mentioned it is about grace
7. 1 Sam. 17:40 – David chooses five stones to prepare his fight with Goliath
8. 1 Kings 7 – The Tabernacle was 100 cubits long and 50 cubits wide, on either side were 20 pillars, and along each end were 10 pillars, making 60 pillars total, note that 5x12 = 60, which represents grace in display, the pillars that held up the curtains were 5 cubits apart and 5 cubits high, and the whole of the outer curtain was divided into squares of 25 cubits (5x5)

- the number five is found 318 times in the Bible, 318 is also the number of armed servants in Abram’s house who rescued Lot (Gen. 14:14)
- gift (mat-than) – appears five times in the Bible, gift is a message of grace, Gen. 34:12, Num. 18:11, Proverbs 18:16, 19:6, 21:14
- Whosoever hath, it shall be given to him – phrase that appears five times in the Bible, message of grace, Matt. 13:12, 25:29, Mark 4:25, Luke 8:18, 19:26

Biblical meaning: man
Hebrew word: vav (nail, peg, and)
Significance: symbolic of the love of money
1. Gen. 1:26 – God created man on the sixth day
2. Ex. 20:9-10 – six days of labor and one day of rest in a week
3. Ex. 24:16 – Moses had to wait for six days before he could meet the Lord
4. Joshua 6:14,15 – Israel marched around the city for six days before it fell on the seventh
5. Daniel 3:1 – Nebuchadnezzar made an idol made of gold, sixty cubits high, and six cubits wide
6. 2 Chron. 9:13 – Solomon received 666 talents of gold
7. Rev. 13:18 – the Number of the Beast is 666

- abomination (bdelugma) – appears six times in the Bible, Matt. 24:15, Mark 13:14, Luke 16:15, Rev. 17:4, 5, 21:27

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