Beast of Revelation

The Illuminati and the Freemasons

What are the Illuminati and Freemasons? Even today many people are curious about these groups. How do they fit into the Church and Biblical prophecy?

First of all, let’s start with a group called the Jesuit order. The Jesuit order was founded by Ignatius Loyola in 1540 as a military group to defend the Papacy. However, in the 16th century the idea of democracy began to circulate. Also, the invention of the printing press allowed people to see the discrepancies between the actual Bible and the Roman Catholic teachings. Then, one particular Jesuit professor named Adam Weishaupt decided to take a stand against the Papacy. So he founded the Illuminati, a secret society on May 1, 1776. It started with a high amount of funding, coming from Jewish bankers. Shortly afterward, the Illuminati allied with the Freemasons (Masonic Order) in 1777. The Freemasons are another secret society who’s origin is unknown. They do not have allegiance to any religion or country, but they have many members in high political positions all over the world. By 1787, the Illuminati had over 2,000 members spreading through France, Italy, Austria, Poland, England, and America.

This alliance essentially was the force behind both the American Revolution in 1776-1780, and the French Revolution in 1789-1793. The Illuminati provided the funding, and the Freemasons provided the plan. Why did they cause these two wars? First, let us start with the American Revolution. During this time, the Freemasons consisted mostly of Catholics outside of Britain including France and America. Therefore, they wanted to weaken Britain by severing ties with the 13 colonies in America. The success of this war meant that the Catholic Freemasons would gain control of the legal system in America, and that is precisely what they did.

Washington D.C.

In the 1790s, Washington D.C. was owned by Freemason Daniel Carroll. He entrusted the layout for Washington D.C. to French Freemason Pierre-Charles L’Enfant. L’Enfant laid out the main city streets in the shape of an upside down pentagram or five-pointed star, with the points on the White House, Mt. Vernon Place, Washington Circle, Logan Circle, and Dupont Circle. Then on April 15, 1791 at 3:30pm, a stone marker was placed on Jones Point to mark the official beginning of America’s capital by George Washington (who was also a Freemason). According to historian David Ovason, this time was chosen on purpose:

"At exactly 3:30 p.m., Jupiter, the most beneficial planet in the skies, began to rise over the horizon. It was in 23 degrees of Virgo" – David Ovason

Ovason tells us that the Freemasons choose this time because the constellation of Virgo along with the planet Jupiter were both visible at this time. Jupiter was named after the Roman god, who was the King of the gods. This is consistent with the fact that the Freemasons at the time were Catholic. Also, the pentagram is a symbol of Virgo. To the Freemasons, Virgo represented the Egyptian goddess Isis, which was integrated into Catholicism in the 4th century, making Jesus’ mother Mary a figure of worship, as I mentioned in Catholicism. To those in the Order of the Dragon, Virgo represented Mary Magdalene.

L’Enfant also designed the locations of the White House, the Capital, and the Washington Monument to reflect the locations of the three stars that surround Virgo: Arcturus, Spica, and Regulus. In addition, the mall between the Washington Monument and the Capital was designed to portray the ecliptic; the path of the Sun through the 12 zodiacs.

I would also like to mention that the pentagram is also a symbol of the pagan god Baphomet. Baphomet originated in the 11th century during the first crusade. However, it was not until 1855 when Baphomet was associated with a demonic goat and Satanism. Baphomet is not associated with the Freemasons, but some confuse the two because the use of the pentagram.

The real Biblical meaning of Virgo is that it foretold that Jesus would be born of the virgin Mary. I will discuss the Biblical meaning of the other constellations at another time.

Today, the activity of the Freemasons is much more in the open. It’s existence is well known as many celebrities publicly claim to be members. One of the requirements for membership is to believe in a supreme being, but the religion you choose is up to you. Some of these ideas were portrayed in the movie National Treasure in 2004. They are definitely a group to watch out for. Remember that God is in control. Throughout history, God has used groups of people to punish other groups of people that are going against His ways.

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