The Seven Seals

The Seventh Seal

The seventh seal contains seven trumpets. The first four trumpets are described in Revelation 8. The fifth, sixth, and seventh trumpets are also called the three woes. The three woes are a little harder to follow in Revelation. We will discuss the details of the seven trumpets in another article.

Summary of the Seven Seals

1. 39 B.C. – 193 A.D. – the white horse, the golden era of the Roman Empire
2. 193-284 A.D. – the red horse, the fall of the Roman Empire due to war
3. 250-300 A.D. – the black horse, famine in the Roman Empire
4. 250-265 A.D. – the pale horse, death in the Roman Empire
5. 303-313 A.D. – the great persecution of Christians
6. 310-395 A.D. – judgment on Rome and the Church for their “new” Christianity
7. 410 A.D. and beyond - The Seven Trumpets

Revelation – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 of Revelation has nothing to do with historical events. It speaks of the 144,000 Jews in white robes that are standing at the throne of God:

Revelation 7:4 – And I head the number of those sealed, (144 thousands were sealed out of all the tribes of the sons of Isreal): (YLT)

Some people think that this is referring to a literal 144,000 Jews that will be witnesses to others in a coming age. However, there was a lot more than 144,000 Jews in Isreal, so a literal 144,000 does not make sense. To get a better understanding of what this could mean, look at Paul’s definition of “Jew” in Romans:

Romans 2:28-29 – For he is not a Jew who is [so] outwardly, neither [is] circumcision that which is outward in flesh; but a Jew [is] who is [so] inwardly, and circumcision [is] of the heart, in spirit, not in letter, of which the praise is not of men, but of God. (YLT)

Also, remember these verses from Revelation a few chapters back:

Revelation 2:9 – I have known thy works, and tribulation, and poverty – yet thou art rich – and the evil-speaking of those saying themselves to be Jews, and are not, but [are] a synagogue of the Adversary. (YLT)

Revelation 3:9 – lo, I make of the synagogue of the Adversary those saying themselves to be Jews, and are not, but do lie; lo, I will make them that they may come and bow before thy feet, and may know that I loved thee. (YLT)

Paul says that being a Jew is based on the inward heart and spirit of a person, not on the outward flesh. John says that people that claim to be Jews but are not are followers of Satan. Why would John say this if he meant a literal Jew? It is more likely that Paul and John are saying the same thing. Jews are simply the elite followers of God. They follow God with all their heart and will be dressed in white robes on the Great White Throne. Chapter 7 is yet again giving us another picture of the Barley Overcomers. This ends our study on chapters 6 and 7 of Revelation.

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