The Meaning of Numbers 10-19

Biblical meaning: love
Hebrew words: yod-vav (hand, nail)
Significance: Jesus was nailed to the cross out of love for mankind
1. Gen. 7:9 – the 16th time Noah’s name is mentioned, male and female are mentioned, which is symbolic of marriage

2. Ex. 26:25 – in the tabernacle Moses built, he used 16 sockets of silver to hold up 8 boards

3. 1 Cor. 13:4-8 – Paul lists 16 characteristics of love, see Wedding Bible Verses

Biblical meaning: victory
Hebrew words: yod-zayin (hand, weapon)
Significance: the hand of spiritual weaponry will give us victory, love wins
1. Gen. 18:18 – the 17th time Abraham is mentioned, Abraham’s nation is victorious

2. Gen. 27:22 – the 17th time Jacob is mentioned, Jacob is victorious over Esau

3. Mark 5:7 – the 17th time Jesus is mentioned in the book of Mark, Jesus is victorious over an unclean spirit

4. Rom. 8:35-39 – Paul lists 17 things that cannot separate us from the love of Christ

- angelic appearances – there are 17 in the first five books of the New Testament – Matt. 1:20, Matt. 2:13, Matt. 2:19, Matt. 4:11, Matt. 28:2, Mark 16:5, Luke 1:11, Luke 1:26, Luke 2:9, Luke 2:13, Luke 22:43, John 5:4, Acts 1:10, Acts 5:19, Acts 10:3, Acts 12:7, Acts 27:23

Biblical meaning: bondage
Hebrew words: yod-chet (hand, fence, prison)
Significance: people in bondage, sick, or in prison
1. Gen. 12:18 – the 18th time Abram is mentioned, his wife is in prison
2. Gen. 46:8 – the 18th time Israel is mentioned, Israel and his family go to Egypt
3. Luke 13:11-13 – Jesus heals a women who was sick for 18 years

Biblical meaning: faith, hearing
Hebrew words: yod-teth (hand, serpent)
Significance: having faith in God and hearing His voice
1. Gen. 7:13 – the 19th time Noah is mentioned, he enters the ark as an act of faith
2. Hebrews 11 – lists 19 people with great faith
3. Romans 3:21 – 5:2 – Paul uses the word “faith” 19 times

kof – The 19th letter in the Hebrew alphabet is kof which literally means “the back of the head.” However, if we look a little deeper, we see that kof is one of the few words made with two accent marks. The first means that man is calling God. The second means God responds in a very soft voice. This is confirmed in 1 Kings 19:11-12 which says God speaks in a still small voice.

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