Hebrew: Mozanaim, “the scales, weighing”
Greek: Zugos, “the cross-bar by which two oxen or horses draw”
Arabic: Al Zubena, “purchase, redemption”
Coptic: Lambadia, “station of propitiation, branch of graciousness”
Latin: Libra, “weighing”
Accadian: Tulki, “the altar”

1. Zuben al Genubi – the price which is deficient
2. Zuben al Chemali – the price which covers
3. Al Gubi – heaped up high
4. Zuben Akrabi – the price of the conflict

Decans (associated constellations)
1. Crux – the Cross, see Daniel 9:20
2. Lupus – the wolf, the victim, Harpocrates, see Isaiah 53:7
3. Corona Borealis – Northern Crown, see Isaiah 28:5

Israel Tribe Association – Levi, kept the balances of the sanctuary

Stone: sapphire, meaning number, the count of price and weight

Romans 6:23 – for the wages of the sin [is] death, and the gift of God [is] life age-during in Christ Jesus our Lord. (YLT)

Matthew 7:2 – For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measure to you. (ESV)

Deuteronomy 25:13-16 – You shall not have in your bag two kinds of weights, a large and a small. You shall not have in your house two kinds of measures, a large and a small. A full and fair weight you shall have, a full and fair measure you shall have, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you. For all who do such things, all who act dishonestly, are an abomination to the Lord your God. (ESV)

Libra symbolizes judgment based on weight. Earthly crimes are judged based on man’s law. Spiritual crimes, which we call sin, are judged based on God’s law. According to Romans 6, sin puts us into debt, but this debt is paid for by Jesus Christ. The names of the stars Zuben al Genubi and Zuben al Chemali mean that a debt has been paid. The decan called Crux means Cross, which is the method by which Jesus died. The decan Lupus means victim. The ancient civilization of Phoenicia named this victim Harpocrates, which Romans later called the god of submission. In some images, the victim has a horn of a goat. Sometimes, this horn was detached and filled with fruits, which is where the original cornucopia comes from (image below). The cornucopia is a symbol of the horn of plenty, which signifies that blessings will come out of submission and sacrifice. Today in America, the cornucopia is associated with Thanksgiving.


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