Episcopalian (Anglican)

Followers: 77 million worldwide
Date Founded: 16th century
Location Founded: England
Founders: King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, Thomas Cromwell, Thomas Cranmer, Hugh Latimer, Nicholas Ridley
Books Outside the Bible: Book of Common Prayer
Belief: Arminian

During the 16th century, there was a power struggle between Catholics and Protestants. To reconcile this, English leaders tried to implement a medium of beliefs that would be a compromise to the two. This included the Book of Common Prayer and the 42 Articles. Thus began the Episcopalian (Anglican) Church. They believe in Arminianism, with a focus on prayer and worship. Today, there are three international Anglicanism bodies including the Lambeth Conference, the Anglican Consultative Council, and the Anglican Communion Primates’ Meeting. There are also a wide variety of prayer books used, which contain prayers for people to recite 2-4 times a day. The problem with this denomination is that they have turned prayer into something it is not. Prayer was designed by God to build relationship between man and God, not as a ritual to show faith.

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