This is the gift that allows one to see truth, wisdom, and discernment from God. It may or may not include prophecy of future events. These people tend to be very good at interpreting the Bible, understanding relationships, recognizing right from wrong, and truth from falsehood. In the church, they would make great small group leaders, counselors, mentors, and peacemakers.


This gift allows one to recognize and meet the needs of others. These people tend to be very friendly, hands on, detailed, orderly, and high in energy. In the church, they would work well with the sick, homeless, injured, children, in construction, or in maintenance.


This gift allows one to study, research, expalin, and communicate Biblical truth. These people enjoy studying, are objective, disciplined, emotionally stable, and have strong convictions. They are similar to the prophet/perceiver, but have a greater desire to teach everyone as opposed to just their close friends and family. In the church, they would make great Bible study leaders, instructors, researchers, and curriculum developers.


This gift allows one to encourage and counsel others using the Bible. These people love to talk, are very social, have a positive attitude, and would rather apply the Word than study it. In the church, they would work well in greeting, drama, music, counseling, hospitality, or as a small group leader.


This gift allows one to give time, material goods, and financial resources without any hesitation. These individuals have good business skills, financial planning, intelligence, and a desire to give back to God. In the church, they would great at fundraising, financial counseling, and financial support.


This gift allows one to lead others in tasks, events, and spiritual growth. These individuals are great motivators, communicators, delegators, are enthusiastic, take criticism well, and understand the big picture. In the church, they would work well as a leader in any type of ministry, project, or event.


This gift allows one to have great compassion for those who are suffering. These people bring out the good in others, choose their words carefully, can detect sincerity or insincerity, are cheerful, and trustworthy. In the church, they would work well in hospitality, with the homeless, in a prison ministry, or in secretary work.


All of these spiritual gifts are tools God has given to His people to help further God’s kingdom. These gifts allow us to “bear fruit” and do “works” for God. Individuals that use their gifts have been baptized by fire and filled with the Holy Spirit. They are Pentecostal Christians, and are on their way to becoming Tabernacle Christians. Remember that the goal is to become a barley overcomer, who understands God’s plan and purpose for mankind.

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