Followers: 2 million worldwide
Date Founded: 16th century
Location Founded: Switzerland
Founders: Petr Chelcicky, George Blaurock, Conrad Grebel
Books Outside the Bible: None
Belief: Arminian

Anabaptist is another denomination that came out of the Protestant Reformation. They hold beliefs very similar to Baptists, except they tend to focus on a conservative lifestyle. Anabaptists consist of many smaller denominations including the Swiss Brethren, Hutterites, Mennonites, and the Amish. The first known group of Anabaptists were the Swiss Brethren who rejected infant baptism just like Baptists. Next, the Hutterites began in Austria and focused on communal living. The Mennonites were named after Frisian Menno Simons, and today are one of the largest Anabaptist groups. The Amish split from the Mennonites in Germany around 1694. Today, the Amish are well known for their isolated lifestyle. They have limited technology including using horse-drawn buggies instead of automobiles, gas lamps instead of electric lights, rotary telephones instead of cell phones, etc. The problem with this denomination is that they take the Bible too literally. God cares more about your heart than the specifics on how you live your life.

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