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Bible Truth, Issue #012
March 17, 2012

The Uncovered Truth of Christianity

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Greetings! I would like to announce that I have written two new articles. The first is on the religion of Islam. Islam is a major worldwide religion with over a billion followers. Islam was founded in Mecca in the 7th century under Muhammad. Muhammad claimed that the angel Gabriel appeared to him and recited words. These words were later published as the Quran. Although Islam is filled with good morals, it has no basis. There is no evidence that Gabriel actually appeared to Muhammad, and the Quran is full of contradictions. See the article here:

Islam vs. Christianity

The second article is on Baptism. Baptism is an important ritual in Christianity. It is basically a public announcement of one’s salvation. This is the first phase of Christianity; the Passover phase. The second phase is the Pentecost phase, or baptism by fire, in which one is filled with the Holy Spirit and given spiritual gifts. These gifts allow one to serve the Kingdom of God. This brings one closer to the third and final Tabernacle phase, in which one can become a Barley Overcomer. See the full article:


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Ben Wong

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